About Us

Dr Kieran McGeown BEd MSc EdD FRSA
Director of Education, UCAN Achieve Ltd

High quality education demands authenticity based upon student centric teaching methods.  No two students are the same and it is our role as educators to adapt and support our students, in an interactive manner, so that they can be as successful as possible.

Our Objective

Our prime objective is to assist our students in achieving academic excellence and to help them develop as individuals and as effective contributors to society, their local economy and the environment. 

Our Approach

UCAN ACHIEVE offers a high-quality and student centric academic experience for our students. We stimulate our students’ curiosity and provide them with both the necessary academic knowledge and problem-solving skills to be successful in the 21st century.

Our Staff

UCAN ACHIEVE employ highly qualified and experienced UK tutors some of whom served as university academics with an established international reputation as pedagogical experts in the area of STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art (Design) Mathematics) education.

Teacher Profiles

Jamie Mulholland,  BEd – GCSE Physics Lead

Graduated with a First Class Honours degree from St. Mary’s University College, Belfast in 2015.

Jamie has been teaching in one of Northern Ireland’s highest performing grammar schools for the last 6 years. Jamie delivers the Technology & Design curriculum to A-Level and tutors Physics & Mathematics to GCSE.

“My true passion has always been STEAM subjects and believe that problem solving learning is one of the most effective methods of unlocking a pupil’s potential. I constantly strive to give pupils the best possible learning experience, by tailoring lessons to their individual needs. Furthermore, integration of problem based learning into lessons allows pupils to understand the relevance of the subject knowledge being taught in their everyday lives.”

Natalia Langton, BEd – GCSE Mathematics Lead

Graduated from St Mary’s University College in 2012 with a 2:1 BEd in Mathematics

Natalia has taught GCSE and A Level Mathematics across a number of post-primary schools in the UK and is presently teaching in an integrated school in Northern Ireland. Also, Natalia has ten years of experience as a Mathematics tutor.

Previously, Natalia gained experience in EdTech having worked for an innovative start-up as a Mathematics curriculum writer.

“I am very passionate about Mathematics and the different ways in which it can be taught and used in everyday life. In particular I am keen to use technology wherever possible to enhance the teaching and learning experience of students.”

Support Staff Profile

Christian Pollock, Engineering Student – Content Development Lead & IT Administrator

Currently studying Electrical, Software and Mechanical Engineering, Christian has joined the team to provide support for preparing high-quality online content and to offer support with IT administration.

“I am keen to develop high-level and easy to understand online content that will help others to achieve success at GCSE.”