Why should I register my child for UCAN Achieve’s Programme?

UCAN Achieve will provide a personalised tuition service which aims to maximise each pupil’s opportunity to achieve a top GCSE grade.

What material will be covered in the tuition classes?

UCAN Achieve will provide tuition based upon current GCSE standards.

How do I know what my child will be learning each week? What is covered in each class? How are classes structured?

Students will be provided with lesson plans and learning objectives.

What does the GCSE tuition programme cover?

Students will be provided with tuition based upon current GCSE content and standards.

Why will this tuition help my child?

The tuition will provide your child with access to an enriched study programme for GCSE.

Are top grades guaranteed if my child attends your programme?

No tuition service can guarantee a top grade but UCAN Achieve’s high quality tuition approach aims to enable each student to achieve their full potential. Tuition is a partnership between parents, the student and the tutor, together we have a great opportunity to make a difference.

Why are you recommending tuition in small class groups instead of 1-1 sessions?

We recommend teaching in small groups as we believe this provides a more positive social and educational experience.

What age groups are you able to tutor?

UCAN Achieve will focus on Key Stage 3 and 4 (11-16 years). Exceptions may be possible for those pupils who are taking GCSEs at an earlier age.

Can the children review the tuition materials after the weekly course?

Yes – each student will be provided with access to a portal with lesson materials.

Will you be setting homework or class tests?

Preview materials will be made available on the learning portal. Formative assessments and summative assessments will be undertaken to help ensure that the student has learned the material.

How will parents and students get feedback?

Feedback will be provided on the learning portal.

Do you offer support after the lessons have ended?

Tutors will be able to offer some limited support outside of the online classes.

What is the duration of each class?

Each class will run for 1 hour.

Where are you based?

UCAN Achieve is based in Northern Ireland.

Where were your teaching staff trained?

UCAN Achieve’s teachers were professionally trained in Northern Ireland.

Where can you contact us?

If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us at : info@ucanachieve.com

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